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Organize contacts and events in minutes.

All your contacts, meetings, and follow ups.
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The perfect software to build your networking marketing business.

Manage contacts, at home or on the go

Impact gives you functionality like contact management, event and calendar scheduling, team messaging and more so you can move quickly and focus on your business

Build your multi level marketing team

Impact is purpose built software for multi level marketing professionals interested in growing their business.

One console, with tools that work together

Impact combines all the tools you need to manage your day to day marketing business in one single application.

Impact is great for members of Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, Herbalife and many more

A comprehensive network marketer platform

Powerful address and relationship journal

Manage and communicate with your contacts from anywhere in a single app.

One calendar for all your business events

Powerful software to set follow ups and schedule meetings with contacts or teams.

Keep notes and documents in one place

Save notes of important meetings and carry a virtual folder of documents with you.

Solutions to common challenges

Easily Manage Prospects

Access to your contacts from anywhere so you never lose touch.

Schedule a Meeting?

Set meetings and appointments straight from the app so you never miss another important event.

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